Pan-Braised Meatballs with Spring Onions + Parm (Toddler Friendly!)

First, a tremendous thank you for the comments, messages, virtual hugs and social media shares in light of my last entry. Shortly after pressing publish, I asked Chris how he felt about the post, and he pushed back with “how do you feel after writing it?” To which I offered, “Better.” So. Thank you for listening, for allowing this spot to be about more than just side hustle and SPAM. For indulging me. If I could hug and squeeze every one of you, I would. But as I cannot, I’ll offer up this — the coziest, most comforting gift I can share via the internet: meatballs. I’ve talked before about the beckoning allure of meatballs — how they’ll call to me from one of the glossy covers at the checkstand and suddenly my carefully strategized meal plan is abandoned on the spot. (Kidding. I don’t meal plan.) Even in the current phase of my life, where I’m actively seeking more sustenance from plants than animals, the solitary promise of a saucy, perfectly braised meatball is an easy reminder that moderation will always remain the name of the game around here. Meatballs for breakfast, lunch and dinner? A lovely idea, but … Read More

Weeknight Homestyle Bison (or Beef) Enchiladas

Hey guys! Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? (Can you believe how many posts I’ve probably kicked off with “can you believe it’s {Insert Time Frame Here}?” It’s hard to be original. Hurts my bwain.) As we really tuck into this ‘ere eleventh month in 2013, I thought now might be a decent time to start recounting the foodie resolutions I made way back in January. You know, back before middle aging, bi-coastal smorgasbording and pumpkin hoarding became the norm. In that rare moment of calm and restraint when I used the word “totes,” like, maybe once every other post. Or, you know, before the wheels fell completely off and we found ourselves tobogganing through this very metaphor. Anyway, so if you’re just joining us, waaaaay back in Jan I made the (pretty loosey goosey) resolution to consume fewer refined sugars/carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, caffeinated beverages and conventionally farmed meats and consume more whole grains, organic produce, wild and sustainably harvested seafood, humanely raised meat and all that good stuff. And how’m I doing? You guuuuyyyyyssssssss, I am suuur tuuurtally killing it! I mean, all things in moderation, but would you believe that I’ve had exactly two sodas this year (all-natural root beer, … Read More