toasted walnut enchilada hummus with cilantro + lime

Two recipes in one: toasty, nutty hummus drizzled with a fast and foolproof spicy sauce. Super addicting! Full recipe at #vegan #superbowl #snacks #recipe

Oh yay! You guys are still here. Meaning my affinity for hot dogs (and a decidedly Americasian interpretation, at that) didn’t scare you away. I knew you could hang. As your reward, this week we’re talking more Superbowl-ready eats that are borderline goofy (enchilada sauce on toppa hummus? she dun lost her shit!) but silly delicious all the same. You’ll see what I mean when we get into the nitty gritty later on. And really, is it even that weird? It’s clearly not bizarre enough to warrant the gibberish I keep slapping in between all these parentheses (like this crap — which is here solely for the purpose of example), but I feel a little insecure every time I post something that’s not, like, THE Trending Item on Pinterest. (Side note: until I dunk an Oreo in waffle batter and drizzle it with peanut butter, I’m not sure I’ll ever be That Trending Item.) (Side side note: I would so eat that.) You want to lob a boomerang at my head right now, don’t you? (It would be kind of poetic and all given its parenthesis-y shape…) I’m stopping. So, late last week, I went into the lab for glucose testing, which is … Read More

Simple Pumpkin Spice Dip

Did I mention I’ve been hoarding pumpkin like it’s the apocalypse? Or maybe Armageddon? If it is Armageddon, I really hope Chris knows to do the whole animal-cookies-on-the-tummy act before we become fiery stardust. I’d be so smitten. Anyway, I’ve been hoarding pumpkin. Like, I maybe made a small scale model of Hearst Castle out of pumpkin cans in my living room. I might be sitting in said castle right this minute, wondering exactly what I can use to duplicate the gold leaf in the swimming pool. The swimming pool may or may not be a Pyrex baking dish. The Hearsts were really more into wading, anyway. Where was I? Yes, hoarding. But even when you’ve got a habit like mine, you find yourself with a stray cup of pumpkin here and there. Maybe you’ve just made a wicked pot of pumpkin polenta and you’ve got half a can’s worth sitting in the fridge, daring you to make the world’s smallest pie. Fortunately, this quick dip isn’t all that far off. And it’s embarrassingly easy, you guys. Like, three (ok, four) ingredients, one pan, maaaaaaaybe 10 mins. With fresh apples or salty pretzel sticks or little fondue-style cubes of cheesecake, it’s … Read More

(Almost Vegan) Caramelized Onion White Bean Dip

I had such good intentions for how I was going to spend today. With Chris off traipsing around with one of his two-wheeled concubines, my Saturday was slated to begin with an early morning run (thanks again to that birthday gift we discussed), a jaunt to the market, several late-morning hours of intensive literary study via young adult romance, and an afternoon in the kitchen working on this week’s recipes for you guys. And then something deliciously derailing happened. I slept in. (If you didn’t gather, this is a rare weekend occurrence likened only to something as epic as the marketing of Gak or the smooth sounds of Soul for Real.) So now, instead of being halfway through photographing an early supper of quinoa cakes with avocado curry, I’ve barely lit the darn stove. Can I get an Oh, Well? (Oh, Well!) The great thing about days like today is their ability to reset my appreciation for slowing things down. Contrary to my own delusion, you can extract a fair amount of reward from something as simple and blatantly labor-free as sleeping in. Frankly, I don’t know why I don’t do it more often. Equal reward — and I’ve really tee’d … Read More

Minted Spring Pea Paté on Crostini (also, #HeatWave2013)

Today has been kind of ridiculous. To start, it’s almost triple-digits here in the Bay Area. Which means, oh, I dunno, it’s almost intolerably hot. I say almost, of course, because it’s actually quite lovely when you take into account the perfect excuse it makes for a beach day. Think tanning, picnic, young adult novels galore and ice cream. Marianne’s Ice Cream, just to be clear. Studded with toffee-coffee goodness and stacked doubly tall in not one but two crannied waffle cones. (The gang’s all here.) Just try and tell me how wonderful a Saturday that does not make. Go ahead. You can’t do it, right? Because it’s basically the landing page for aich-tee-tee-pee://bomb-dot-com. I know. Gross. And also? Awesome. On a day like today, I can barely even begin to think about cooking, which is why it’s so phenomenal when I have something cool, refreshing, and just a bit indulgent to turn to in the fridge. Like this veggie-friendly, just-fancy-enough-for-company, plays-well-with-bacon little green pea number. Oh peas, how I love thee. Let me count the ways: 1) With garlic noodles. 2) In a frittata. 3) Nestled under a (poorly photographed), just-so egg. And showcased in complete simplicity with refreshing mint, … Read More

The Best Tomato Salsa You Will Ever Eat, new P&Q schedule and lists galore!

The windows are a’open, new Daft Punk is a’playin’ and I’m a’stuffin’ my face. (Ooh, sounded a little Italiano on that last one.) In sum: it’s turning out to be quite a lovely day. I’m pretty eager to get on to what will become  your go-to, year-round salsa (yep, it’s that good), but first: a few exciting announcements. Hooray! (Should we make them look like a list? I think we should. Wait, is that a bad idea because it will push the pretty Facebook and Twitter images I made too far down the page? Is that bad marketing? Probably. Oh screw it. I love lists!) Friendly reminder: Follow the P&Q on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for the full salty ramblings experience. And tell yo’ friends, yo! Please and thanks. 🙂 I’m officially creating a posting schedule! As of today, I’ll be publishing new posts at least every Tuesday and Saturday. So for all of you out there who have been jonesing for some regularity, put down the Sunsweets, cuz I’ll be delivering smooth satisfaction a minimum of twice weekly. And most importantly, Happy Birthday to the hottest momma I know – mine! If my love for you were measured in … Read More