(10 minute) pear + ricotta crostini with honey + thyme

10-Minute Pear + Ricotta Crostini with Honey + Thyme | the pig & quill | #recipe #thanksgiving #appetizer #snack

So, just to get a few things off the table before I go all (non) recipe on your butts: Spain is RIDICULOUSLY gorgeous. I’d heard all the things about all the cities we’d be visiting, and I went in completely assuming I’d leave with a strong bias toward one or the other, but so far I’ve fallen in love with little bits of Barcelona (the jamón, Gaudi everything, and some of the most excellently executed vegetarian food I’ve had in a while), San Sebastian (pintxos, of course — and the views!) and Madrid (palaces and patatas — what’s not to like??). I’ll do the best I can to get a recap up on the blog in the weeks (ok, let’s be real: months) to come, but if I don’t, I’ve been posting a few snippets on Instagram along the way if you wanna get all caught up. 🙂 UM, how traumatizing is the end of ET? Seriously, my mom is already crying, and if it weren’t for my fear of dabbing this shitty, scratchy hotel toilet paper all over my preciously just-eye-creamed eyes, I’d be right there with her. #foreignTVproblems I ate chicharrones for dinner. Alright, let’s blog about crostini. I kind … Read More

Super Bowl Roundup: 20 P&Q Eats for the Big Game

Super Bowl Roundup: 20 Tasty Eats for the Big Game // the pig & quill

Do you remember your first Super Bowl? I do. My mom and I were living in an apartment off the river, in a little one-bedroom over the manager’s office. One of my favorite pastimes was fastening a paperclip to a string, knotting it clumsily around the end of a stick and dangling it over the balcony. Time and again it’d come back up with a small note attached — or, if I was really lucky, an individually-wrapped Starburst candy, the paperclip deftly pried open and speared through the waxy pink or yellow wrapper. The little things, right? “Hey kiddo,” my mom said, one day. “It’s the Super Bowl this weekend. We gotta go get some junk food.” I didn’t know what the Super Bowl meant (I mean, I only learned last year that the yellow line is virtual, whaaaaat?) — but give me a bag of Keebler Tata’ Skins and a crock of chili-cheese dip, and apparently it’s a memory in the making. Good one, Mom. 🙂 Since then, the Super Bowl has always been as much a celebration of snacking as it is sport, and I know I’m not alone in that tradition. Along those lines, I’ve gathered up a few … Read More

Minted Spring Pea Paté on Crostini (also, #HeatWave2013)

Today has been kind of ridiculous. To start, it’s almost triple-digits here in the Bay Area. Which means, oh, I dunno, it’s almost intolerably hot. I say almost, of course, because it’s actually quite lovely when you take into account the perfect excuse it makes for a beach day. Think tanning, picnic, young adult novels galore and ice cream. Marianne’s Ice Cream, just to be clear. Studded with toffee-coffee goodness and stacked doubly tall in not one but two crannied waffle cones. (The gang’s all here.) Just try and tell me how wonderful a Saturday that does not make. Go ahead. You can’t do it, right? Because it’s basically the landing page for aich-tee-tee-pee://bomb-dot-com. I know. Gross. And also? Awesome. On a day like today, I can barely even begin to think about cooking, which is why it’s so phenomenal when I have something cool, refreshing, and just a bit indulgent to turn to in the fridge. Like this veggie-friendly, just-fancy-enough-for-company, plays-well-with-bacon little green pea number. Oh peas, how I love thee. Let me count the ways: 1) With garlic noodles. 2) In a frittata. 3) Nestled under a (poorly photographed), just-so egg. And showcased in complete simplicity with refreshing mint, … Read More