Coconut Red Curry Sweet Potato Bisque (Dairy-Free)

Coconut Red Curry Sweet Potato Bisque recipe (via #dairyfree

Phew. What a weird week, huh? Chances are, if you live in the US, the past couple of days have been a trip. An SNL sketch that has gone on and on, until you’re starting to feel more than just a little uncomfortable for the actors. And I say this not as a woman or a parent or a proponent of preserving love and withholding judgement — though I am all of those things. I say this an American. And I think that, regardless of which way you voted, you probably feel the same. Things got a little circus-y. Or more fittingly, we let things get a little circus-y. And now it’s time to take down the tent, shovel up the elephant shit, and act like grown-ups. To the best of our ability. Also, pretty sure elephants aren’t allowed in the circus anymore, but you get me. It was that or a Tim McGraw reference. Let’s talk about soup. Soup is, for me (as I’m sure it is for many of you) the very near epitome of comfort food — bested only, perhaps, by potatoes in any iteration. It makes sense, then, that soup largely comprised of potatoes is as close as … Read More

Garlicky Curried Noodle Soup (gf w/ vegan option) – and a Q Squared gig!

When I posted this guy on Instagram the other day, I had the forethought to actually add a squidge of sriracha to the egg. And it looked bangarang, you guys. Bang. Uh. Rang. And then I sat down to edit the pics for this post and realized that, amidst all the excitement of pulling out the big ol’ Nikon and strapping it to the tripod and F-stopping like whoa, I never actually took a real-deal pic of the sauce’d egg. What the eff. I blame #yolkporn. Gets me every time. (Ok, side note: that rocker Caleb dude is singing a Gaga song at half-tempo on Idol right now, and I’m just not feeling it. But the judges, hello, are so endearing it almost makes up for it. Harry, you keep up that Keith Urban impression and I just might forgive your last Christmas album. Also, Hope Floats = yes. That’s it.) So this soup: sriracha drizzle or not, it’s kinda fine, am I right? Like, girl, you a dime. Straight-up Good Looking. And happily, it’s just as tasty. There are 15 flavor-full ingredients in the broth, alone — but don’t let that scare you! If you do a moderate amount of … Read More

Coconut Curried Sausage & Veggie Gumbo (gluten-free)

It’s Fat Tuesday tomorrow! And in case you’re curious how much restraint was required to skip calling it Phat Tuesday, well, 1) buttloads and 2) look how well that worked out. IT’S PHAT FAT TUESDAY TOMORROW! Because if fried and fatty shenanigans aren’t pretty hot and — oh yes — tempting, then I don’t know what is. (LIE. I know what is. Did you guys watch the Oscars? Jessica Biel is neither fried nor fat but girlfriend looked TASTY.) Speaking of tasty, did you happen to catch my 10 Drool-worthy Mardis Grad Recipes post on Full Circle last week? It’s full of cuh-razy shiggles like these Cheesy Cajun Fries with Grilled Corn, Guacamole & Bacon from Half Baked Harvest. Did all those words just happen in the same title? Yes. And it feels good. Real good. Anyweighhhh. Somehow I pulled together that mini roundup last week and realized I didn’t have a single P&Q recipe to contribute. Nutzohs, right? A holiday dedicated to getting chubby and the self-proclaimed Piggy McPiggerson comes up short? Travesty. But it’s cool, dumbo. Cuz I’m making gumbo! Nothing fancy, mind you. I didn’t even mess with the chicken and shrimp and made a beeline straight to the good … Read More

Spinach & Quinoa Cake with Curried Avocado Cream (gluten-free)

We have friends in town this weekend. And you know what friends in town means. Swiffering the hair off the bathroom floor. And also: brunch! Now that we’ve awkwardly linked hair and food and I’ve lost a good number of readers, let’s the rest of us delve a little more into the brunch thing. From my (clearly very chaotic) point of view, brunch is the king of mealtimes for a numbers of reasons. A) It’s a hybrid word. Maybe the first ever. In fact, yes, I’m pretty sure linguistic anthropologists would tell you that back in the day, like when dudes-with-beards-and-leather-sandals-were-cool-Round-One, the hippest of bearded dudes woke up a little late one morn and slurred his hungry ass right into brunch. And then decided to make it a thing, which is totally warranted. Because it’s the Brangelina of meals. And just try to compete with that. 2) It’s the only meal of the day when pretty much everything is fair game. Sweet and savory on one table and eggs all around. Syrup on salty and salty on sweet. Fancy flutes of booze. And, if you live in California, the near guarantee of avocados. Schwing. We’ve done pan-fried quinoa cakes a … Read More

Coconut Curry Cod with Kale & Carrots

The people have spoken. Thanks for the comments following yesterday’s prompting, friends. This week has been a bit of a downer with me and Chris both fighting a bug (dontbethefludontbethefludontbetheflu) and a little reader interaction was just what I needed to get back into the groove. And potato chips. Uncommonly-balanced diet be damned! When phlegm attacks, there are only three things I want: The saltiest, crunchiest potato chip one can find. Aggressively carbonated soda. Vernor’s in a can is usually my first choice. In an attempt to remain somewhat healthy, this round I went with Hansen’s Natural club soda. It’s weird, it’s Hansen’s, so I feel a bit like a 1990’s yuppie. And it’s club soda, so I feel a bit like a social downer. (No offense, social downers. I’m one of you.) Just add a brick-red lipstick and it’d be like high school all over again. A mind-numbingly, socially questionable guilty pleasure. Normally this would be a teen romance trilogy, but this week it’s The Only Way is Essex on Hulu. I can’t even begin to describe this show. I mean, Marc is fine, but really, Lauren? Come. On. Anyhow, I’m surrounded by all three things as we speak, … Read More