Summer Whipped Ricotta Toast Two Ways

I’ve been debating getting into this for a few weeks now, and the last thing I want to do is detract from such a pretty post with an undeniably ugly topic, but you guys. The Bachelorette.  WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING. I won’t give any radical spoilers because I totally get that in a Hulu World not everyone has seen it, but why she’s not just going full Kaitlyn rogue and humping Luke in a barn somewhere is beyond me. And do we really need to get into it over Robby’s hair? I know it’s completely unfair to just personally attack these people, that they’re real people with real feelings, but I’m a real person with real opinions and I’ma tell you that boy needs some mussin’ up. As in, someone stole a tub of Garnier pomade from my gym locker in 1998 (I HAD UNRULY BANGS) and I am now 419% certain it was Swimmer Bod. But really. Get those bowed legs wrapped around ya and call it a season, girl. If for no other reason than Christina and I can have late-night snapchat (username: @thepigandquill) conversations about something else, like the weather. Or how it would make my life if she moved back to … Read More