Easy Baked Panettone French Toast (with Greek Yogurt & Marmalade Custard)

As I’m sitting here writing this, Chris is in the back room cleaning out the file cabinet. It’s a very New Yeary thing to do, and the kind of task that makes a wife’s heart flutter. Maybe because he’s the kind of man to sort through years upon years of receipts, healthcare statements and paystubs (didn’t most companies go paperless with those in like, 2002?). Maybe because it means I don’t have to. Either way, it’s kinda hot — a man who cleans. Oh snap, and now he’s vacuuming. ‘Scuse me for a moment… Meanwhile, I’m cramming my face with the last serving of this bananas French toast that, ironically, doesn’t have any bananas at all. Dammit. Fail. Well, you know what I mean. It’s got a whole bunch of other crap, and it’s just good, you guys. Good enough that, instead of helping Chris purge my makeshift closet/office/crap-catchall of all my overcoats/paperwork/crap, I’m parked in front of the tube with a bottle of syrup in one hand and a fork in the other shoveling away. Happy New Year, indeed! They key to the not-at-all bananas flavor in this totally bananas French toast is that it starts with a whole … Read More

Creamy Baked Eggs with Chimichurri (Christmas Eggs! w/ gf option)

This week has been a whirlwind. I’d point out my lack of posting, but perhaps you’ve already noticed? We learned a few days ago that Chris will be starting a new job in two weeks (he’s such a smartie!), we’re toying with the idea of moving (locally, but is moving ever easy?) — and after months of anticipation research, we finally sealed the deal on some new wheels for this little lady. Which begs the question: where was this heated steering wheel thing when I was driving to work in Level 3 snow emergencies a few years ago? Or 4WD, for that matter? Doing things backwards is fun. Happily, Thanksgiving weekend also marked the arrival of a snazzy 6′ Noble Fir, which is looking positively handsome in his Christmas skirt and wing-ed angel top hat. He’s a classy dude. And he’s totally rocking big, floppy plaid bows like it’s 1991. And a few well-placed My Little Ponies, just to keep things kitschy. We’ve even got this grapevine twine garlandy thing going on in all its Pottery-Barn-meets-actual-barn glory. It’s so freaking hip in here, you guys. I can’t even. And I don’t know about you, but once the tree goes up, … Read More

Cheesy Sweet Potato Waffles w/ Sour Cream & Maple

There are weeks where you feel like you just suck at life. And I’m having one. In a big, fat, cure-me-with-carbs kinda way. So let’s talk waffles. I like waffles. They taste good. They make my insides feel good. And the they’re a guilty pleasure for my OCD side. I maybe eat my waffles along the gridlines. WHAT. I’m not going to insist that these waffles are life changing, but I will tell you that the more I use the word waffles in this post, the better I feel. Try it for yourself. I mean, you don’t have to type it out if you don’t want, but just say it a few times with me: Waffles. (Are you saying it? Are you saying Waffles Make the World Go Round, Whee-Waffle-Whee-Waffle-Woo…? Maybe not, but damn if that ain’t catchy.) So waffles. You guys, these are so good. They’re smooshed full of nutrient-rich sweet potatoes, sweetened up with brown sugar, savoried up with thyme and cheddar and then topped with plenty of cool sour cream and smoky, amber maple syrup. They’re, like, the perfect any time of day, any time of year food. Oh hey, Holiday Brunch, what’s up. Yo, Bakesale. Let’s … Read More

Spinach & Quinoa Cake with Curried Avocado Cream (gluten-free)

We have friends in town this weekend. And you know what friends in town means. Swiffering the hair off the bathroom floor. And also: brunch! Now that we’ve awkwardly linked hair and food and I’ve lost a good number of readers, let’s the rest of us delve a little more into the brunch thing. From my (clearly very chaotic) point of view, brunch is the king of mealtimes for a numbers of reasons. A) It’s a hybrid word. Maybe the first ever. In fact, yes, I’m pretty sure linguistic anthropologists would tell you that back in the day, like when dudes-with-beards-and-leather-sandals-were-cool-Round-One, the hippest of bearded dudes woke up a little late one morn and slurred his hungry ass right into brunch. And then decided to make it a thing, which is totally warranted. Because it’s the Brangelina of meals. And just try to compete with that. 2) It’s the only meal of the day when pretty much everything is fair game. Sweet and savory on one table and eggs all around. Syrup on salty and salty on sweet. Fancy flutes of booze. And, if you live in California, the near guarantee of avocados. Schwing. We’ve done pan-fried quinoa cakes a … Read More