Hooky, housekeeping…and a haiku

Full disclosure here. I just wanted three “H” things. Super misleading. (Or was it?) I took this past week off to play hooky. Mountains on Monday, touring around the city on Tuesday, and then three fuhnomenal days cruising the Central Coast, which I’m fairly certain is one of the most beautiful places on God’s green earth. Literally — green earth. For you East Coasters, that might be NBD, but here in drought-ridden California, a little rolling-green-hills action makes my insides feel like gummy bears dancing around in tiny party sombreros holding tiny drinks with even tinier drink umbrellas. In their skivvies. With the latest Netflix release of Mad Men looping in the background. It was the best kind of therapy imaginable. Not that I needed therapy. (I totally needed therapy.) Brunching at home. In the sunshine. With no agenda. City brunching. Bishop’s Peak, San Luis Obispo Doesn’t this picture look really small and stupid here? BE MORE EPIC, PHOTO. Yeah, I don’t do yoga. Oh look, you can see me in the parm. And the pepper flakes. And the sunglasses. And the pepperoni grease. Hearsty Hearst Hearst. Sorry. Yep, you. #yolkporn #localeverything (‘cept the ‘nanas) #wineforbreakie Too many ‘choke puns. System overloading. Photo montage attack!!!! … Read More

Classic Açaí Bowls (vegan & gluten-free)

Açaí bowls. So hot right now. If you live in a beach town or some kefir-drinking granola ‘hood, you know what I mean. Or maybe if you’re, like, Brazilian, or something. In which case, please tell me: why are roughly ALL% of the world’s supermodels Brazilian? Are the Brazilian people really all that statuesque and sultry and smoldering and other S words that make me want to do a jillion sit-ups and then smear myself in tropical oils? Do YOU look like that? You do, don’t you — little stinker. I guess you can stick around. So açaí bowls. Super hot. If you’re none of the above — I mean, maybe you’re statuesque but you’re a Nordic Ice Queen, or something, I don’t know, I recently watched Frozen and it’s ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT SO SORRY. If you’re not super familiar with the whole açaí bowl thing, here’s the gist. It’s Brazilian. I do like ranting about Brazilians, but that was actually my point earlier. It’s brilliant. It’s a smoothie parfait that feels one hundred thousand times healthier than it sounds. It’s Brazilliant. Oh, you saw that coming? Love you. For realsies, though, it’s a blend of frozen, super antioxidant-rich açaí berry puree … Read More

Easy Baked Panettone French Toast (with Greek Yogurt & Marmalade Custard)

As I’m sitting here writing this, Chris is in the back room cleaning out the file cabinet. It’s a very New Yeary thing to do, and the kind of task that makes a wife’s heart flutter. Maybe because he’s the kind of man to sort through years upon years of receipts, healthcare statements and paystubs (didn’t most companies go paperless with those in like, 2002?). Maybe because it means I don’t have to. Either way, it’s kinda hot — a man who cleans. Oh snap, and now he’s vacuuming. ‘Scuse me for a moment… Meanwhile, I’m cramming my face with the last serving of this bananas French toast that, ironically, doesn’t have any bananas at all. Dammit. Fail. Well, you know what I mean. It’s got a whole bunch of other crap, and it’s just good, you guys. Good enough that, instead of helping Chris purge my makeshift closet/office/crap-catchall of all my overcoats/paperwork/crap, I’m parked in front of the tube with a bottle of syrup in one hand and a fork in the other shoveling away. Happy New Year, indeed! They key to the not-at-all bananas flavor in this totally bananas French toast is that it starts with a whole … Read More

Creamy Baked Eggs with Chimichurri (Christmas Eggs! w/ gf option)

This week has been a whirlwind. I’d point out my lack of posting, but perhaps you’ve already noticed? We learned a few days ago that Chris will be starting a new job in two weeks (he’s such a smartie!), we’re toying with the idea of moving (locally, but is moving ever easy?) — and after months of anticipation research, we finally sealed the deal on some new wheels for this little lady. Which begs the question: where was this heated steering wheel thing when I was driving to work in Level 3 snow emergencies a few years ago? Or 4WD, for that matter? Doing things backwards is fun. Happily, Thanksgiving weekend also marked the arrival of a snazzy 6′ Noble Fir, which is looking positively handsome in his Christmas skirt and wing-ed angel top hat. He’s a classy dude. And he’s totally rocking big, floppy plaid bows like it’s 1991. And a few well-placed My Little Ponies, just to keep things kitschy. We’ve even got this grapevine twine garlandy thing going on in all its Pottery-Barn-meets-actual-barn glory. It’s so freaking hip in here, you guys. I can’t even. And I don’t know about you, but once the tree goes up, … Read More

Shortcut Salted Kouign Amann

Hi guys – Em here. Just a heads up: this is one of my longer posts, but ironically, it’s all an attempt to explain how I’ve actually shortened a rather laborious recipe. Hope you’ll bear with me. These little guys are, like, sooooooooo worth it. xoxo!So, I’ve been obsessing over the idea of a salted kouign amann for a few years now. I think it started back when I heard The Neelys talk about a notably salt-flecked version from Les Madeleines in Salt Lake City on The Food Network’s program The Best Thing I Ever Ate. I don’t know about you, but back in my cable days, I was mildly infatuated with that show. But that’s when we were doing our four-year stint in the Midwest, and things like sleet and snow were very, very good excuses to veg out in the basement with a sleeve of crumb donuts and questionably gluttonous programming. Ok, who am I kidding — I’d still happily plop down on the sofa with a Food TV marathon right this second if it didn’t mean I had to sign my first child over to Comcast. But you know. I’m making do. So, ever since learning of that deeply … Read More

Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowl (featuring anniversaries…and prison)

Chris and I celebrated our third anniversary this week. We dined at the lovely Dixie in the Presidio, enjoyed plenty of wine and defrosted the wedding cake we were supposed to eat two years ago. (It can only get luckier with age, right?) Before dinner, we strolled through the Marina, coffees in hand, tallying aloud all the tanned girls in yoga pants and brainstorming how we’d one day turn our little house into the home of our dreams. I was smitten. I am smitten. It was a perfect reminder that those two gloriously joyful people that committed themselves to figuring shit out together three years ago are still us. There’s still joy. And with just three short years under our belt(s?), we have so much more joy ahead of us. I got pretty lucky with this one, let me tell you. Happy Anniversary, CJ. (photograph by the super talented Patrick Ang) Completely unrelated — and this is where I detour to prison for a moment — I know it seems like all we talk about around here is TV, but holy beans, have you seen Orange is the New Black? Orange is the New Black is totally the new black. … Read More

Mother’s Day Roundup: Brunch-Worthy Bomb-Noms

Yesterday was one of the downest days I’ve experienced in a while. One of those days that makes you crave the comfort of things like good girlfriends and sushi. And frozen yogurt. And beer. At one point I think I literally uttered the phrase “I want my mommy.” Fortunately, with this weekend being Mother’s Day, I can look forward to plenty of QT with both mommy and mommy-in-law, and I can already tell it promises to be just what the doctor ordered. Of course, a swimming pool of ramen and a hammock of Vic’s cappuccino chip ice cream couldn’t hurt either… To the moms in my life: if words could express how much your general thereness could lift a girl’s spirits, I’d be waxing poetic all over the damn place — but clearly (and based almost solely on the word thereness) I’m at a bit of a loss. Instead, here’s a fine roundup of all the brunch-worthy food I’d whip up for you if, well, if we didn’t already have legit brunch reservations. Love you guys. Happy Mother’s Day! The Ultimate Bacon & Egg Sandwich Figgy Brie & Roasted Pear Skillet Pizza Soyrizo Biscuit & Egg Sammies Minted Pineapple Salad … Read More

Soyrizo Biscuit & Egg Sammies

Hey guys! And hey new guys and gals that might have recently joined in on this crazy ol’ stroll through Pig & Quill shenaniganry. It’s amazing how much traffic a little fresh Foodgawker coverage can bring over the course of a couple of days, isn’t it? Pretty phenomenal, if you ask me. I know you didn’t ask me, but when has that ever stopped me? Right. So. Seriously, thanks for stopping by my crumb-y little corner of the innernet, people. I hope you like what you see and that you’ll take a sec to say hi back. Cuz I like that lots. Another thing I like lots? Chorizo. Or as of late, soyrizo, which is such a freaking close imitator and just as cheap, garlicky and delicious as the real thing but with more animal smiles. (Bonus: Trader Joe’s carries it.) Which is probably why I’m a weensy bit obsessed with the cho/soyrizo studded biscuits below. Super simple and, yes, a little guilt-laden due to the use of biscuit mix, but it’s undeniably handy and it’s just so darn reliable. Also on the love list these days, if you haven’t noticed: eggs. Right now I’m particularly infatuated with the simplest scrambled eggs you can imagine … Read More