Ultimate Fall Chopped Salad with Honeyed Tangerine-Turmeric Vinaigrette

Ultimate Fall Chopped Salad with Honeyed Tangerine-Turmeric Vinaigrette (via thepigandquill.com) #vegetarian #vegan #dairyfree

There are no new words to communicate how quickly this holiday season came upon us. There are even fewer words to relay how unprepared I am for the coming days of packing, travel and stretchy pants. And the internet knows far more than me about how to put your best bird forward, so I’ll spare you my attempt. Instead, as has become habit of late, I’ll keep things on the short side (I’m actually working on a new pigtales piece that will exhaust whatever vocabulary I leave on the table in this post) and just drop this most colorful salad into your laps. Something to brighten what can often be an otherwise beige holiday table. Or something to greet you on the other side of decidedly beige weekend. (To be clear: beige in these references is not necessarily a bad thing. Gravy knows no bounds, and rightly so.) I’ve so named this salad ultimate fall based on the foundation components, alone, but the dressing is truly something to behold, so I’ll start there. A hefty dose of turmeric, given away by the dressing’s beckoning golden hue, meets honey (or maple syrup), freshly squeezed tangerine juice, plenty of black pepper and just enough apple … Read More

sourdough stuffing with kale, almonds + grand marnier apricots | sprouted routes guest post

Sourdough Stuffing with Kale, Almonds + Grand Marnier Apricots recipe (via thepigandquill.com) #thanksgiving #vegetarian #vegan

Hola mis amigos, and welcome to Trading Spaces — the food blog edition! I’m over on Sprouted Routes today sharing the recipe for my (dairy-free, grain-free, refined sugar-free) Mini Sweet Potato Soufflés with Pecan Pie Streusel — so naturally, the lady behind Sprouted Routes, herself, Miss Liz Moody, is hanging out here and talking ’bout stuffing stuffs just in time for Thanksgiving – yay! Like many modern friendships, Liz and I met on the interwebs, and it was love at first ‘gram. In addition to being pretty dang talented with a camera, she’s a pro at eating well on the road (hello, homie has an app!), a fellow Bay Area Bae (← sorry?…) and engaged to be mawwwhied — hooray! She’s also kind of spectacular at taking ridiculously indulgent eats — pumpkin chai waffles! caramel pecan tarts! creme brulee french toast! — and making them totally sinless without tasting like hamster bedding, w00t w00t. (Also, anyone who can rationalize sourdough bread as a gut-boosting superfood is a pal in my book…) Thanks for giving Liz a warm welcome today, guys — and be sure to check her out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, too. You won’t regret it. 🙂 See ya over in soufflé … Read More

salted chocolate cracker crack (saltine toffee) with roasted almonds

Salted Double Chocolate Cracker Crack (Saltine Toffee) with Roasted Almonds | via thepigandquill.com #recipe #sweets #candy #chocolate

Someone please tell me: how are we on the heels of August already? How can it be that I’ve not yet witnessed a single one of summer’s silk scarf sunsets for myself? More broadly: where have my evenings gone? I won’t for a minute complain that our darling bug takes her bath, like clockwork, at 6:30 every night and is snoozing peacefully by 8. Nor would I trade that solid hour plus of sleepytime snuggles for the sun glinting rosy on an emptying wine glass — but if I could just have my cake and eat it, too, as the saying goes. If I could have my cake at all, these days…sigh. To be fair, I did partake in an irresponsible amount of cake this past weekend when my mom (so mommishly) picked me up a box of dairy-free cupcakes while the rest of our family luxuriated in the candy-coated cloud that is Coffee Crunch Cake when we came together to celebrate Lana’s first 100 days. (I’ve since vowed to make a dairy-free version since much of the Coffee Crunch recipe is already sans-milk, but I fear the trick is getting the whipped cream frosting as ethereally airy as the real thing. Coconut … Read More

Easy, Steel-Cut Overnight Oats — and the Sambazon 3-Day Purifying Cleanse

WARNING: This is kind of a long, schizo post. I’d love for you to follow the storyline from soup to nuts, but if you just want the low-down on the review, skip to the middle. If you’re jonesing for oats, skip to the end. I don’t know why it took me so damn long to hop on the overnight oats train {t00t t00t}. It’s no more work than fixing a bowl of cereal or assembling my beloved Greek yogs breakie. You just do it the night before — so in a sense, it’s actually easier. Wake up. Eat. Dance party. There’s no cook or prep or even that persnickety pour getting in the way of you and your first meal of the day. It’s gorgeously simple. And now I’m, like, fully onboard, sporting the conductor stripe overalls and brimmed cap and the whole nine. Hell, I AM the conductor. NEXT STOP, HAPPY-CHEWY-OATSVILLE! Chugga chugga. And to think, it all started with a cleanse. A few months ago, Sambazon asked me if I’d like to try a few of their superfood products, and I was totally intrigued. It’s always a bit of a challenge determining if certain brands are a good fit … Read More

Roasted Beet and Fennel Burgers (veg, gluten-free, grain-free, paleo)

Whoa. Check out them lookers. (Also, check out my mom’s vintage sewing table-turned-sideboard.) (And the rih-dic light in her dining room.) (And my clear lack of something to filter all that pretty light.) (But it is oh so pretty.) (K, I’m done now.) Let’s talk about beets, bay. bee. Sweet, nutty and blitzed with licorice-y fennel, warm, worldy spices, piquant salsa and just a dribble of sunshiny honey. AND NUTS. Can we also talk about how there are so many toasty little nut bits going on in here? There are. And it (they?) makes for a patty that is damn near textural paradise. I know that sounds fiercely inappropriate, but I’m not sure there’s another way to describe it. I’m positively addicted to pretty much every aspect of these beet burgers. Not least of which is the fact that I feel oh-so-justified in eating two in one sitting. (Three in one standing!) They’re just veggies and nuts, after all. (OK, super detour: Josh Jackson’s hair + goatee combo thing in Season 6 of the ol’ DC is really working for him. Diane Kruger definitely has herself a nice little national treasure there.) I also kind of love this veggie burger for all the stuff that’s … Read More

Classic Açaí Bowls (vegan & gluten-free)

Açaí bowls. So hot right now. If you live in a beach town or some kefir-drinking granola ‘hood, you know what I mean. Or maybe if you’re, like, Brazilian, or something. In which case, please tell me: why are roughly ALL% of the world’s supermodels Brazilian? Are the Brazilian people really all that statuesque and sultry and smoldering and other S words that make me want to do a jillion sit-ups and then smear myself in tropical oils? Do YOU look like that? You do, don’t you — little stinker. I guess you can stick around. So açaí bowls. Super hot. If you’re none of the above — I mean, maybe you’re statuesque but you’re a Nordic Ice Queen, or something, I don’t know, I recently watched Frozen and it’s ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT SO SORRY. If you’re not super familiar with the whole açaí bowl thing, here’s the gist. It’s Brazilian. I do like ranting about Brazilians, but that was actually my point earlier. It’s brilliant. It’s a smoothie parfait that feels one hundred thousand times healthier than it sounds. It’s Brazilliant. Oh, you saw that coming? Love you. For realsies, though, it’s a blend of frozen, super antioxidant-rich açaí berry puree … Read More

Power Pie Smoothie (aka Jetpack in a Glass, kah-blammo!)

Earlier this summer I turned 30. I think we talked about it. In fact, I’m pretty sure I promised you at least a post or two recapping all the celebrating (read: championship face-stuffing) we did in New York. This. IsNotOneOfThosePosts. No, sadly for you, this post is a little whinier. Don’t act surprised. Or maybe do act surprised. (Whining, who me?) The bottom line is this: I am now the glorious age of 30, and for my thirtieth birthday — and with my own crazy-lady blessing — I have been gifted with… …a half-marathon. W-T-F you G-U-Ys. How did I let this happen? How did I let this bajillion week training schedule wiggle into my Google Drive and sneak attack me with daily weigh-ins and running logs? (OK, maybe I asked for that one. Pretty sure I did.) How did I suddenly decide that running more than “to the bathroom” was anywhere near a good idea? This can’t be my doing. My conscience has definitely fallen prey to aliens. (Have you read The Host? Great, same page…) In case you forgot, a half-marathon is a little over 13 miles. Run 18,000 of them and you’re at the MOON. THE FREAKING MOON. … Read More

Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowl (featuring anniversaries…and prison)

Chris and I celebrated our third anniversary this week. We dined at the lovely Dixie in the Presidio, enjoyed plenty of wine and defrosted the wedding cake we were supposed to eat two years ago. (It can only get luckier with age, right?) Before dinner, we strolled through the Marina, coffees in hand, tallying aloud all the tanned girls in yoga pants and brainstorming how we’d one day turn our little house into the home of our dreams. I was smitten. I am smitten. It was a perfect reminder that those two gloriously joyful people that committed themselves to figuring shit out together three years ago are still us. There’s still joy. And with just three short years under our belt(s?), we have so much more joy ahead of us. I got pretty lucky with this one, let me tell you. Happy Anniversary, CJ. (photograph by the super talented Patrick Ang) Completely unrelated — and this is where I detour to prison for a moment — I know it seems like all we talk about around here is TV, but holy beans, have you seen Orange is the New Black? Orange is the New Black is totally the new black. … Read More

Pineapple & Spinach Green Smoothie

Good Tuesday, pretties! Hope everyone’s been having a lovurly week. Seven days post-vacay, I think we’ve finally recuperated from our extra-long weekend of glitz and gluttony in NYC — thanks in no small part to a few detox meals based almost solely around things that grow from the earth. (Apparently, the detox ended last night when I decided that a platter of meltingly tender carnitas-style pork belly with Spanish rice and refried beans makes for a balanced meal, but we’ll leave that for next Tuesday’s post. I will say now: no regrets whatsoever.) So what does one eat while trying to purge nearly a week’s worth of #shackburgers and #saltypimps from their system? (What? WordPress doesn’t do hashtags? #WTF.) A lot of salads, to start — big, beefy salads heaped full of, like, three lettuces and four kinds of fruit and a handful of nuts (ha) topped with plenty of those little crunchy fried onions and maybe some blue cheese and, oh, did you guys know that Trader Joe’s has this awesome frozen charred corn that you can toss into salad straight from the freezer and it makes it all roasty-toasty flavorful with literally next to nil effort? Buy it. … Read More

Mini Ice Cream Ginger Snapwiches

I think I may have confessed a time or two…my love for Young Adult Novels? Or YA as the cool kids say. A group I’d clearly like to join, all joking aside. Lately I’ve been sorely behind on keeping up with the other members of my unofficial YA Book Club (you know who you are) — distracted by things like sweet potato obsessions and giveaways and fabulous culinary adventures to time zones afar. The ridonkulous weather this week hasn’t helped, either. Who wants to stay inside cooped up with a book or a ‘puter when there are things like beer garnish to enjoy in the warm California sunshine? No one. Which is why today, following Thursday’s hot YA sesh at the local library, my little book club has an even hotter date with my backyard, a couple of beach towels and L.A. Weatherly. Because, didn’t you know? Angels are the new Vampires. Or is it Immortals? I can’t keep track. (Did I mention my YA obsession is anchored pretty firmly in the supernatural? Yeah…) Anyway. Where was I going? Oh, right. This afternoon is all about backyard vegging, book in hand. Or book in one hand, I should say, because … Read More