Gettin’ Judgy wit it

I’ve been saying I should start a blog for God knows how long, but it took purchasing a domain name to finally light a fire under my butt strong enough to motivate movement. As you may learn, I consider every purchase an investment and am highly disappointed when dollars are wasted on fruitless efforts. So how better to kickstart a blog than to pay for one? Sure, the logic is a bit backwards, but we’re here, aren’t we? And now that we’re here, the question begs: where  do I start? I crack myself up on pretty much a daily basis, yet there’s a whole new sense of pressure, of fear, when the inner monologue becomes external and the critics start circling. But let’s be real. If criticism is just a fancy word for gettin’ judgy — and gettin’ judgy is one of my guiltiest pleasures — then I’ll happily take one for the GJ team. If nothing else, blogging will provide an alternative to the typical weeknight routine of watching Top Gear reruns until midnight and then startling awake (wait, when did I fall asleep?) to the realization that my teeth aren’t brushed and the laundry is still in the dryer. If you have a … Read More