OH, the places you’ll go…and baked stuffed apples

Ok, maybe more like OH, the place that I went. This past week I had the immense pleasure of traveling back to Ohio to spend a few days with my dear friend, Amanda, and food – as usual – played a large role when it came to planning our agenda. I was incredibly fortunate to be in town for the last few days of Dine Originals’ Restaurant Week (I’ll go into detail in another post), but the most memorable meal of the long weekend ended up being a pot-lucked brunch at our friends Amanda and Stephen’s house. (There are two … Read More

In the Pigpen No. 3: Thirty Days of Thanks (off to a slow start…)

A little different Pig Pen this round since I’m fresh off my Momma Weekend, and I’m feeling pretty good. So good, in fact, that I think I’ll join the 30 Days of Thanks bandwagon and give a quick rundown of what I’m especially appreciative of right up through this, the 14th day of November. I do this with two caveats: I’m hungry. And therefore distracted. Quality is questionable. I don’t promise that I’ll ever get to days 15 through 30. Without further ado. 30 Days of Thanks (Part 1 of…?) I am thankful for: November 1: My hubs. He’s top … Read More

Recipe: Weekday wedding soup with spinach and farfalle

The complete downside of a week as busy as this last one: it ends with me looking like a ratty ol’ rag doll, all saggy button eyes and frizzy yarn hair. Not a good look for a rag doll, and not a good look for me. It also results in next to nil blog posts and but a scant amount of personal time for Hulu’d episodes of Vampire Diaries. Yes, I chose Vampire Diaries over blogging. One requires brainpower, albeit minimal, and one requires little more than eyesight with which to admire beautiful beings getting all scandalous and vampirey. The … Read More

Recipe: Cinnamon steel cut oats with almonds & olive oil

I suck at a lot of stuff. Growing things. Touching my toes. Not eating when I’m not hungry. And relaxing. Ask Chris. Ask my coworkers. When it comes to relaxing, I’m just not any good at it — at least not spontaneously. Unless an activity is on my to-do list or iCal, it hardly makes the radar, which is why my written weekend agenda is literally full of “relaxing” line items like Catch Up on Pinterest, Take Nap, and Parenthood (3 Episodes Max).  It’s sick, I realize, but it’s actually the antithesis of relaxing that allows me to…relax. This past weekend, … Read More

Drowning in broth: ramen habit takes girl off deep end

Have we ever chatted about my complete obsession with ramen? Let’s do. I am thoroughly convinced that ramen might just be the perfect food. A complete, one-bowl meal that satisfies both belly and soul with its abundant but carefully curated inclusions: savory, glistening broth; toothsome, bouncy noodles; meltingly tender pork; fresh veggies; and in instances of pure ramen bliss — one perfectly soft-cooked egg. While I can’t begin to tell you how the ideal ramen egg comes into being, I could devote almost an entire post to my joy at consuming one. But I’ll leave that for another time. Here … Read More

Recipe: Roasted kale pesto

It’s been a bit of a hectic Saturday around here, but I’ve been somewhat lacking on the posts lately, so amidst errand running, actual running, baby showering (which we are running late to as I write this — sorry Em!) and mountain biking expeditions, here is a quick post of one of the recipes I created for Full Circle Farms’ Good Food Life blog a few weeks ago. (By the way, we’re still still receiving our Full Circle shipments, and they continue to impress. This week’s delivery: kale, zucchini, carrots, apples, and pears  — all beautiful and all organic.) Make … Read More

The more the merrier…or the joy of the Solo Supper (with recipe)

When Chris and I were in Costa Rica, group activity was the name of the game. I’m not sure I’ve discussed it here, but we went not for the romantic getaway most couples seek from a tropical paradise but to spend time with friends at the summer residence of my college roommate’s family. Mornings weren’t early but were bustling with the sounds of three showers running, eggs popping on the stove and the clapping of shoes crusted with mud from the previous day’s adventures. Between me and Chris, Miriam and her boyfriend Brian, our good friend Alex, his generous parents … Read More

On travel blogging, taking Costa Rica by the head — and a recipe

I was browsing vacation pictures today, contemplating the approach I would take to the first of several posts about my recent travels, when my super duper procrastination skills brought me to a rather relevant post over at Dancing Branflakes — one of the internet’s most elegant blogs, authored by none other than my high school classmate and allover beautiful person Tiffany. (She’s a spectacular dancer in spectacular shape with spectacular taste, so check her out.) The post title? “Being a Good Travel Blogger.” How ’bout that. Much along my same thoughts, the chic Mrs. Branflake asks her readers: “…it’s hard … Read More

Sweep that isht! aka Let’s Go Giants!

If ever there were an excuse for a lack of posting… Cheers to our World Champs tonight! San Francisco Giants FTW. More to come from this lil piggy in the days to come. I’m still debating how best to go about recapping our adventures in pura vida. Right now I have a smattering of pics from multiple cameras and people, a fading recollection of our smorgie-filled days…and a mushy, post-vacay brain that hasn’t yet rebounded to full function. Should be interesting. Chat soon, my friends! Viva Gigantes!

Recipe: Smoky Spanish tortilla with bacon & kale

Well, it’s happened. I’ve returned to the Real World — and not the seven-strangers-under-one-roof version but the wailing inbox and buttloads of laundry version that is far less smutty and just a hair dreadful. It was bound to occur sooner or later. On the upside, dread of return this severe can only be sign of an unusually successful vacation, and that it was. I’ll provide a much more elaborate rundown in posts to come, but for now let’s just say Costa Rica was as unfailingly awesome as promised, full of ridiculously therapeutic juvenile humor, Jurassic Park-style scenery, glorious adventure sports … Read More