In the Pigpen No.2: Guest blogging, bronzer down! and Netflix

It’s Wednesday, and that can only mean one thing: hump puns. Lucky for you all, this Wednesday we’re also taking a trip to the Pigpen to explore some of the more miscellaneous ramblings of this P&Q author. Get humped up. Here we go:

Full Circle Farms Delivery

1) I got my first Guest Blog gig! I didn’t want to steal any thunder from Full Circle when this went live last week, but this past weekend my (first-ever) guest posts for The Good Food Life went live. If you’re not yet savvy (thanks to Captain Jack Sparrow for bringing that one back a few years ago), The Good Food Life is Full Circle Farm’s blog, and it delivers an almost daily (sometimes more than daily) dose of everything from original recipes and fresh produce facts to nutrition tips and organic industry articles. For my guest post, I was asked to put together three weekday dinner recipes, one being my Garlic Chicken and Plums, which featured fresh produce from my first Full Circle delivery — plus two new recipes for Roasted Kale Pesto and a Weekday Wedding Soup that I’ll be posting here later this week for archiving purposes. (For a sneak peek, check out all my guest posts here, here and here.) Huge thanks go out to Full Circle for trusting in my quill skillery. Be sure to check out The Good Food Life (they also post to their Facebook page), and if you’re within the Full Circle delivery area, their weekly produce program is a fairly priced option considering the quality offerings and the included door-to-door delivery.

2) Mineral makeup meltdown. Do you wear mineral makeup? I do. And now, so does my bathroom floor. Because, Holy Helga, I dropped my bronzer this morning, and then, in a move that was so artfully choreographed it couldn’t have been choreographed, (shut up, whatever), it fell from my hand, to my counter, to my raised-in-an-attempt-to-catch-it thigh, to the floor — where it rolled in one large circle behind my toilet and back around to my sink before settling face down in a depressing puff of faux tan ashes. I really wish I had taken a picture so you could see the carnage, which was made all the worse by a wet Clorox wipe. Honestly, I can only imagine this is what the backstage of a Victoria’s Secret fashion show looks like when they hose all those spray-tanned beauties down after curtains close. Wait, does that not happen? Huh, my guy roommates from college will be so disappointed.

But seriously you guys, it was so sad.

Parenthood3) I am thoroughly obsessed with Parenthood, the TV series. Undoubtedly, this is encouraged in no small part by recently re-upping our Netflix subscription. (Here’s how that one went: Netflix = awesome. Quickster = ridonkulous. New release delays to Netflix = lame. HBO+ Game of Thrones > Netflix. Netflix = peace out. Cable + DVR + HD + HBO = my first born child. Comcast = Lucifer. Netflix = awesome. Rather harmonious in its circularness, no?) If you’ve never seen Parenthood, it’s like Brothers & Sisters — but set in slightly less-pretentious Berkeley instead of Pasadena — right down to the cheating father/grandfather. There’s the corporatized older brother with the nuclear family; the scattered older sister escaping a failed marriage with her bratty emo kids; the wayward, sarcastic little bro (think long hair, houseboat, studio gig); and the wish-you-could-hate-her hot-shot lawyer little sis whose super charming stay-at-home husband and precocious daughter are cute enough to eat (sure, both of them). I may or may not have dedicated 11 hours of my Saturday to getting caught up on Season One while the hubs was off doing manly bonding things like shucking oysters and driving fast. WHAT.

Recipe: Soft-scrambled tofu with oyster sauce, Thai basil and egg
Recipe: Zucchini "fritters" with chard and poached eggs